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About us

Our concrete business started in Florida as Concrete Designs Florida. We worked for decades perfecting our processes and creating happy customers.

We decided it was time to branch out to a new market, so we started GC Concrete Design SC LLC as a solution for homeowners in the Greenville, South Carolina area. Although our South Carolina company is new, our experience in the concrete and construction trade is extensive. 

Train them up young :)

Our goal is to transform or create new beautiful spaces for living in your home—making your dreams come true by creating a new comfortable living area inside your home or outside of it.

With honesty and professionalism, we work with you to create a new living area whether it’s a patio, kitchen remodel or entire outdoor living area.

Our equipment to get your project completed

After the pandemic experienced recently, we saw firsthand how important it is to have pleasant spaces to live we can share with our family and friends. 

Since the business was founded in Florida and now in South Carolina, we have poured every ounce of our blood, sweat and tears into helping each client in the transformation of outdoor and indoor spaces.

We have currently addressed a great challenge in the remodeling industry, this due to the high cost of construction materials, that is why, we create solutions combining different types of materials that allow us to do a quality job at a reasonable price.

As a result of our work and dedication we have been recognized by our customers as a solid and trustworthy company, we have been honored with each of the comments of those customers with whom we have shared experiences.

We could not be prouder to offer you our concrete and construction services and accompaniment in the creation of new spaces on your property. We look forward to providing you with our greatest effort, dedication, and experience in the coming years!

It’s not just about pouring concrete or extending a patio, it’s about making your dream home come true, it’s about creating recreational spaces for the family, it’s about keeping your loved ones in a pleasant environment which everyone can share. 

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